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Filters, Diplexers, Duplexers, Circulators and Isolators
In addition to over 2,000 standard products, Dorado offers a wide range of custom components that may be simple electrical or mechanical variation of catalog products or designed by implementating totally new technologies to meet the customers specific requirements. Because of of our state-of –the-art CAD software and special proprietary microwave design programs, we can offer custom designed devices at a low price and a reasonably short delivery time.
Filters & Diplexers
A wide range of custom waveguide filters& diplexers can be supplied for operation in the 4.0 GHz to 40.0 GHz frequency range as low pass, harmonic rejection, bandpass and transmit/receive reject filters & diplexers.
Circulators and Isolators
For more then twenty years Dorado has presented the Microwave Industry with the widest range of ferrite circulators and isolators in every technological design approach. Dorado International offer a wide range of custom designs including parts for High power and Cryogenic applications.
In addition to the individual components shown in this catalog/web site Dorado has the capability to integrate these and other devices into assemblies to meet special electrical and mechanical requirements. We look forward to receiving your specifications. We are prepared to offer our quotations for assemblies that operate from the C-Band up to Ka Band (4 to 40 GHz).  This integration could be realized on Microstrip, Waveguide or coaxial Transmission line.
The best example is the Model DIH-15 that is the combination of two isolators and two 3 dB hybrids that are used in front-end modules of phase array antenna systems. Isolators and/or circulators plus hybrids couplers, limiters, filters, power dividers, attenuators, detectors, phase shifters and/or a wide range of other passive circuits can be built into the FCB.
Dorado now offers microwave front-end waveguide and coax assemblies and sub-assemblies to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications in the 0.1 to 60 GHz range. These include the integration of both passive and active devices for detecting, amplifying, isolating, filtering and the phase control of receivers, transmitters and signal processing equipment. Waveguide assemblies can be provided for frequencies up to 60 GHz and coax component combinations that cover frequencies down to 100 MHz.
These special assemblies will be designed and built to the customer’s exact electrical, mechanical and environmental specifications by a team of design engineers with extensive experience in microwave product development.
Dorado’s catalog of standard waveguide and coax devices offer a solid foundation for providing the building blocks needed to meet the customer’s integrated microwave component requirements at an optimized cost and performance.
The following are examples of custom products developed for special requirements:
Active Band pass Filter for 100 to 200 MHz
The Model: FACBP-100-200M-1 is an active band pass filter with a pass band of 100 to 200 MHz and has over 50 dB rejection at 80 MHz and 240 MHz. Click Model: FACB-100-200-M-1 for additional details.
A Coax Duplexer for 3 to 3.5 GHz
A medium power (10 Watt average and 60 Watt peak) high performance duplexer with an integrated limiter operating over the 3 to 3.5 GHz band was developed to meet a customer’s special requirement. Complete details on this custom duplexer can be found by clicking here on the Model: 3CIL 30-1.
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