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Standard Low Power Narrowband isolators and circulators
Standard Broadband isolators and circulators
Standard Medium Power isolators and circulators
Custom High Power isolators and circulators
Custom Cryogenic isolators and circulators
Custom Multiple Junction isolators and circulators
DORADO coaxial isolators and circulators are designed for a wide range of high performance applications at competitive prices. These devices operate at frequencies from 50 MHz to 43.5 GHz.
  • Features
-          Wide Range of standard products
-          High Performance
-          SMA, N-Type, 2.4mm and K-type connectors
-          Designs available for commercial, military or space environments
-          Custom products for high volume applications
-          Lead free and ROHS compliant
Dorado International offers a wide range of custom designs for High Power and Cryogenic applications. Contact Dorado directly or any of our agents or representatives located in major cities around the world for more information about our product
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