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  • Gain Horn Antennas
  • Lens Corrected Horn Antennas
  • Omni Directional (Biconical) Horn Antennas
  • CSC2 Sector Horn Antennas for LMDS
  • Custom Planar/Patch Antennas
Dorado offers several types of antennas to the wireless industry. The first are described as "Horn" antennas. Gain Horn Antennas is mainly used for testing and simulation. These are available from Dorado and cover frequencies from 1.0 to 110 GHz. A more advanced type of horn antenna was developed by our engineers is called a "Cosecant Squared Sector Horn Antenna". This unique antenna was designed and produced as a base station antenna for the Point to Point or Point to Multipoint Microwave Communication Systems. In addition Dorado offers a wide range of other special antennas such as Lens and Omni Directional (Biconical) Horn Antennas
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