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Dorado's waveguide products are all made of copper with gold plating on the electrically active surfaces of the devices and painted on their external surfaces. The gold plating has a major advantage over silver plating. Gold does not oxidize. These devices are also passive and serve many functions in microwave equipment and systems.

We take great care in the design and processing of these basic building blocks of microwave equipment to provide a high quality and reliable product. As an example you will find all waveguide components that require round flanges for the millimeter bands (above 33 GHz) are built with the anti-cocking ridge on the flange.

The following devices are offered by Dorado:

  • Attenuators,
  • Adaptors,
  • Bends,
  • Cross Guide Couplers,
  • Directional Couplers,
  • Loads,
  • Phase Shifters,
  • Shorts,
  • Straights,
  • Switches,
  • Tees,
  • Transitions,
  • Twists, as well as the antennas and ferrite products (listed separately).

  They cover the frequency range of waveguide types from WR-430 to WR-10 (1.7GHz to 110 GHz)

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